WAG-YAN-2 Hydraulic Auger Drive

Pin-on Hydraulic Auger Drive Unit With Double Pin Cradle 2-inch Hex Output Shaft Fully Compatible With YANMAR Mini Excavator SV15, SV18, VIO17, SK17, B15 Yanmar Mini Digger Auger

This Hydraulic Auger consists of a hydraulic drive head with 2-inch hexagon output shaft, a double pin cradle hitch, and G ½ hydraulic hose assemblies and a tool box including a nitrogen charger.




Product Description

Pin-on Hydraulic Auger Drive Unit With Double Pin Cradle 2-inch Hex Output Shaft Fully Compatible With YANMAR Mini Excavator SV15, SV18, VIO17, SK17, B15 Yanmar Mini Digger Auger


• This Hydraulic Auger consists of a hydraulic drive head with 2-inch hexagon output shaft, a double pin cradle hitch, and G ½ hydraulic hose assemblies and a tool box including a nitrogen charger.
• The hitch and hydraulic system is fully compatible with Caterpillar mini eacavator 301 series. The double pin cradle earth drill hitch will eliminate auger swing during dirt shake off, will enable you to safely transport your attachments and will assist in lining up your holes with precision.
• Available drilling bit diameter 6, 9, 12 in (150-300mm) with drilling piple depths range from 800-1500mm ( 32-60 in), for drilling in earth, clay, shale and soft rocks, to be ordered seperately. Rock drill or wood drill bits are also available.
• Universal 2” Hex output shaft is compatible with variety of adatpters and extentions. 65mm output shaft is available upon request.
• Powerful hydraulic performance, adaptable compatibility, robust design, high-quality steel and durable components offering high efficiency and durability.

Hydraulic Auger are widely used for gardening, landscaping and civil engineering application such as fence & signpost piling, tree planting, footing & pile drilling, pile laying, stump grinding, cement mixing etc.


The hydraulic auger attachment have a hydraulic drive unit, a drill bit, and hydraulic hoses.  The driver is to convert the pressure and flow of your hydraulics into torque and rotation. the auger drive unit gets mounted instead of the digging bucket with the help of the auger mounting brackets. Auger drills get attached to the auger drive, the excavators are equipped with a auxiliary hydraulics to power the auger, the auger is able to spin in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. a set of hydraulic hoses is to connect the auger head to the auxiliary hydraulics.


Robust mounting bracket for superior structural reinforcement, positioning flexibility, easy transportation, and near vertical storage.
Articulated joint ensures auger hangs straight, independent of machine positioning.
Mechanical swing stops protect from auger over swing.
Standard bits, industrial bits, industrial rock bits and tree,bits are offered to cover a wide variety of applications and ground conditions.
Various extensions allow for drilling deeper and adapters allow auger drives to rotate hex and round shaft bit designs. Retention pin reduces time to auger flight changes.
Optional bolt-on drill head is available to convert standard flight for more aggressive applications.

Product information



Carrier Model

SV15, SV18, VIO17, SK17, B15

Max. Torque:

N·m ( ft·lbf)

2130 (1571)

Oil Pressure Range

bar (psi)

50-210 (725-3045)

Oil Flow Range

Lpm (gpm)

20-100 (5.3-26.4)

Rotation Speed



Drilling Diameter Range

mm (in)

100-300 (4-12)

Bit Length Range

m (ft)

1.2-1.5 (4-5)

Unit Weight

kg (lbs)

42 (93)

Hydraulic Hose


G1/2 BSP

Output Shaft

2”(51mm) Hex / 2,56″ (65mm) Round

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Company Information



WALLEMAC is a consolidated compact and light-duty outdoor power equipment provider for both professional or a do-it-yourselfer in industries including Landscaping, Gardening, Agricultural, Forrest, Utility, as well as General Constructions. We develop and provide very functional, maneuverable, hard-working, easy operation equipment, such as mini excavators, mini dumpers, wood chippers, log splitters, stump grinders etc. both gas-powered or battery-powered as well, they can offer numerous competitive advantages, safety, reliability, greater efficiency as well as productivity.


To promote environmental sustainability, WALLEMAC is one of the leaders on transitioning to electric solutions in these industry, our newly developed, human and eco-friendly battery-powered product line, including Electric Mini Excavators and Electric Mini Dumpers features zero-emission, low noisy, less vibration, low maintenance cost, total operating cost reduction, offer unprecedented benefits to our customers we are serving, to help them building a greener and more sustainable world.


Our wide selection of products is designed to help our customers get the job done safely and effectively with lower operating cost, no matter what your needs are. We will continue to assist our customers in a professional, courteous manner, provide high value products and quickest response to their services needs.



What’s your MOQ (Minimal Ordering Quantity)

It’s from 1 set.


Can you recommend spare parts or accessories?

Yes we do. As soon as you specify the machine model, we can recommend and quote you.


Are there any optional engine brands for this machine?

We do have engine brand optional. However, it depends on availability and delivery time and other logistic factors, options including Honda, B&S, Kohler, Lifan, Loncin etc., please contact us for confirmation.


Can you customize the machine?

Yes! You are welcome to contact us for details request such as LOGO/Color, even your design request.


What’s the price of this machine?

Since total buying cost varies depending on many factors, we normally quote ex-works or FOB price, you are welcome to provide more details such as quantity and shipping address etc. to help us quote you the accurate price.


Can you provide door to door delivery service to ship the machine directly to my address?

Yes! We will quote you a total cost after receiving your address


What kind of package do you use?

Each machine is packed into a poly wood box, well protected for withstanding long distance sea transportation.


Do you engines meet emission control regulations?

Yes! All our engines meet US or EU emission control requirements, contact us for certification if you need.


How about your warranty?

We warrant that all our products for a period of one year after the date of shipment, be free from defective design, material and workmanship. 


If defect occurs during the one-year warranty period, we send the replacement parts to your address free of charge. Sufficient and responsive consulting or instruction on the replacing or repairing will be provided effectively and responsively, by all possible means, such as but not limited to online, telephone, email, etc. Our local agent will facilitate the parts replacement and after-sale service.


This warranty does not include: consumables, natural wear, routine maintenance, incorrect operation and maintenance.


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