Powered Mini Dumper

WD25W mini dumper
This 4-wheel chain drive powered wheelbarrow offers great advantage over friction driven designs used on similar machines. The robust steel skip has upto 300kg capacity for transport a wide variety of materials, particularly good for use on smooth, slippery and/or muddy soils. The narrow design allows you to drive through narrow entrances and use it even in tight spaces. They are easily maintained, is simple and safe to use.
Optional engines including Honda, B&S, Ducar, Loncin, Kohler. Attachement including Snow shovel, Pallet, Tow ball, Heightened baffle are offered.

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Wallemac is an one-stop electric wheelbarrows provider for industries including landscaping, gardening, agricultural, Forrest, Utility and estate management, as well as general constructions. 

Wallemac develop, manufacture extremely functional, maneuverable, hard-working, easy operation electric power barrow , which can offer numerous competitive advantages, greater efficiency and productivity, cutting down on your costs. We have a long history of serving rental companies, resellers, private individuals, nursery gardeners, agricultural firms, building firms, renovators, etc. 


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Mini Dumper Features

¡ñ Strong heavy duty design & tipping mechanism to handle loads of up to 300kg.

¡ñ Climbing ability up to 20 degree inclines.

¡ñ 4 wheel drive mode & removable centre wheel for service.

¡ñ Ideal for small spaces and can pass through doorways.

¡ñ Easy to manoeuvre when turning or on slopes.

¡ñ Gearbox with 4 forward gears, reverse gear.

¡ñ 4 x Multipurpose tyres & disc brakes.

¡ñ Faster, more fl exible than track driven dumper.

¡ñ User and service friendly to maximise productivity.

¡ñ Engine position allows easy access & service.

¡ñ Centre wheel engaging 4 wheel drive when loaded on rough terrain.

¡ñ The lower position of the skip permits fast tipping with no strain or operator fatigue.

¡ñ Perfectly balanced when working with full load.

¡ñ Additional bearings to support axle and strengthening plate.

¡ñ Bottom protection plate to avoid damage by stones.

Electric Mini Dumper Application

Electric mini dumper is a ideal choice for rental companies, resellers, gardeners, agricultural firms ,building firms, renovators and beyond. Construction work, renovations, landscaping, farm transportation etc. especially for working on uneven, muddy, sandy or sloping ground thanks to the tracks.

Why Choose Wellemac Mini Dumper

Wellemac is an one-stop compact and light duty equipment provider for industries including landscaping, garden, agricultural, Forrest, utility and municipal, as well as general constructions, which means we can offer a package solution for any jobs in these application – whether you need small digging machines and small track dumper or a mini trencher or wood chippers, we will provide you the best fit and cost effective machines for your needs. A variety of compact and maneuverable machines with easy-to-use attachments will definitely assure you the total cost savings .

We strive to make a safe and a green world by investing on technology and design innovation, smart manufacturing and new energy solutions.

Wellemac Attachments

Wellamac attachments will equip you for a comprehensive range of jobs so you can power through any job. We have variety of high-quality attachments that are fully compatible with our electric powered wheelbarrow as well as other top brands. From buckets, forks, and couplers to rakes and thumbs, our attachments are perfect for every task.

We know that choosing the perfect attachment for your electric powered wheelbarrow can be a complicated task. Our goal is to change that and make it easy for you. If you have any questions, please free contact us for the right answers.

Electric Mini Dumper : The Complete Buying Guide

What’s electric mini dumper£¿

Electric mini dumper is a battery powered wheelbarrow with manual or semi-automatic tipping for handling and transporting material to reduce physical labor intensity, to protect environment by reducing emission and noisy level.

How many types of electric mini dumper? What are they?

They are verity of types of electric mini dumpers depending on type of battery, motor, tipping system, number of wheels. For example, lead acid and AGM battery are popular in the market, however, Lion battery is getting more popular right now. DC motor is replacing AC motor due to its unique advantage. The box can be one piece or split type to carry different type of material, tipping system normally by manual or semi-automatic. 

What are the components of the electric mini dumper£¿

Main components of electric mini dumper include batteries, BMC, electric motor, axles and gear box, wheels, truck, braking system, display panel, lighter etc.

What are the characteristics of electric small dump trucks£¿

Compare other mini dumpers equipped with traditional fuel powered engines, electric mini dumper is environmentally friendly zero-emission and low noisy machine, without any harm and trouble to the operator and other people on the job site, operation is more smooth and easy. Maintenance is minimized, there is no any risks of handling flammable fuel, it has a lower operational cost and total cost of life.

What are the Disadvantages of Electric Powered Wheelbarrow£¿

The only disadvantage of the electric powered wheelbarrow is relatively longer charging time compare with refuel time, it can work a full shift of 8 hours after fully charged, with quick charge battery, sometime it can be charged up to 80% of full capacity by 1 hours charging, however, in some of application which requires a very longer continuous working time without any intermittent, this may cause problems. So when you make decision to buy or rent this kind of machine, think about your job requirement. 

Why do you need electric mini dumper?

If you have concern on the environment, don¡¯t want to bring pollution and noisy to your yard, your farm, your green house, your community, or you have to work in emission and noisy sensitive space, electric mini dumper is your best choice. Further more, you will benefit from its unique advantages such as no fuel cost, less maintenance, easy operation, no concern on the risk of fuel storage and handling, all the above will reduce your total operational cost.

What fields can electric small dump trucks be used in£¿

Electric wheelbarrows is designed to work in varies of fields including graveyards, agriculture, breeding & wineries, horse and other animal farms, floriculture and nurseries, green areas maintenance, greenhouses and nurseries, as well as in landscaping, garden building, property management, public works, utility, construction, demolitions and industry, especially for handling materials in emission and noisy sensitive places.  

What are Max payloads of electric mini dumper£¿

Depending on the size of the electric wheelbarrows, their load capacity will vary.payload of 300kg, 500kg, 800kg are available.

What is the working time of an electric mini dumper on a single charge?

The ideal charging state of the electric wheelbarrows is 6-8 hours before it can be fully charged.

But the actual situation will have many factors affecting the specific charging time.

Good power supply. This can usually be done, but sometimes the voltage is unstable and the charging speed is also unstable.

The power of the charging pile will directly affect the charging efficiency of the battery during charging. Of course, in addition to the above factors, the charging speed is also related to the charging environment and other aspects. In general, the speed of battery charging is a problem that needs to be comprehensively considered, such as battery capacity, temperature, charging device and other factors.

How long does it take for an electric mini dumper to be fully charged?

It takes 6-8 hours to be fully charged.

What are the requirements for the working environment of electric small dump trucks?

It is designed to work well in normal working condition of both out door and indoor

How do electric mini dumper work?

Battery powered electric motor drive the wheel through gear box and axle shaft, turning wheel by manual, tipping by manual or air spring assistance. 

Do electric mini dumpers use lithium batteries or lead-acid batteries?

Our standard offer of the mini dumper is powered by lead-acid battery at the moment. However, Lithium Ion Battery is available as optional since it has a great advantage and getting popular.

Compare with traditional lead acid battery, there are lots of advantages of the Lithium Ion Battery including but not limited to:

50% More Energy Efficient

40% Longer Run Times

50% Smaller Carbon Footprint

45% Lower Cost Than Lead Acid Batteries ¨C 75% with GSE

Plug and Play Technology

No Battery Storage Needed

Eliminate Dangers of Gases and Acids

Batteries for Nearly all Makes & Models

Environmentally Friendly ¨C No Lead or Acid

Eliminate Watering

Simplify your operations by no longer needing to manage watering schedules for your batteries. This is not only a huge time saver, but allows operators to focus on moving product rather than maintaining battery maintenance schedules.

Longer Lasting

The flat discharge curve and high sustained voltage mean forklifts run faster on each charge, without getting sluggish. The overall battery life lasts 2x than that of lead-acid alternatives, thus providing significant financial savings.

Fast Charge On Demand

All you need is one battery per truck. No more battery rooms. No ventilation needed while charging. Quick opportunity charge means your crew can simply plug in the equipment during breaks, then get back to work. 

What are the common faults of electric small dump trucks and how to deal with them?

1.Problems:Machine does not run. Machine was running but suddenly stopped.


1)Charge the battery. A new battery should have been charged for at least 12 hours before using the machine for the first time. After first time use, recharge the battery until the charge light illuminates.

2)Check all connectors. make sure the charger connector is plugged into the battery box, and that the charger is plugged into to outlet.

3)Check the charger to make sure it works.

4)Check all wires and connectors, make sure the motor harness connector is plugged into the battery, and that there are no loose wires.

5)Charge the battery as showed in the Owner’s manual.

6)Do not charge the battery longer than 30 hours if you suspect damage due to overcharging. 

7)Make sure not to overload the machine, maximum capacity is 500kgs or run in a less stressful environment.

2.Problems:Sometimes the machine doesn¡¯t run but other times it does.


Check all wire connections to make sure they are tight. diagnosis and/or repair if the motor is damaged.

3.Problem:Short working hours per charge


check or charging batteries, check or change the fuse, check or change the motor, change DC contactor, check and adjust the brake, check and change throttle or clutch cable

4.Problem: Brake

Solution: check and change the clutch cable, reduce the loading.

What is the difference between an electric small dump truck and a dump truck?

Electric mini dumper is battery powered, and other dumpers are powered by gas or diesel engines. 

What criteria should a high-quality electric mini dumper meet?

Depending on countries or territory, standards including£ºEU Battery Directive/RoHS/ 

EN62133/EN60086-4/EN61960/WEEE/ UN38.3

FCCcertification including EMC¡¢RF¡¢SAR£»

CE certification including EMC¡¢RF¡¢SAR¡£

How to choose the right electric mini dumper?

To choose an electric mini dumper, taking into consideration of requirement on max payload, application, job type, working conditions etc.

How much does an electric mini dumper cost?

There are variety of machine types available depending on its features, cost is from USD800 to USD 4000 depending on max. loading capacity, battery type, Max. power output, driving and turning type, tipping type and other option parts and attachment

How to choose an electric mini dumper supplier?

R&D capability, quality control system, quick response on service 

Any things to be considered before buying an electric dump truck£¿

Before making your decision on buying electric mini dumpers, please take the following factors into consideration:

1)Your application: for professional use, semi-professional use or domestic use?

2)where is the machine used mostly: if the machine have to be used in noisy or emission sensitive environment, the electric dumper is the best choice. 

3)How many working hours per day do you need: normal working hours per charge is between 6-8 hours, it takes relatively longer charging times to fully charge the battery. 

4)Other considerations including loading capacity, battery type, tipping type, tire type etc.

What affects the price of the electric mini dumper?

Always keep in mind that the total cost of ownership is much important than the purchasing cost. The selling price of the machine is only a small part of the total cost of ownership. Beside the design, performance, quality, workmanship etc. which are directly related to the price, lots of facts contribute to the total cost of ownership such as reliability, durability, quick response of the service etc.

For example, popular batteries are used in mini dumpers including Lead Acid Batteries, AGM batteries and Lithium Ion Batteries. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages as well. despite the higher facial cost of Lithium technology, the cost per supplied kWh remains much lower than for Lead-Acid technology. The reason is related to the intrinsic qualities of lithium-ion batteries but also linked to lower transportation costs. for example, the total cost of ownership per usable kWh is about 2.5-3 times cheaper for a lithium-based solution than for a lead acid solution.

Wallemac is focusing on reducing customer¡¯s total cost of ownership by providing superior quality of products and service.

How to maintain the electric mini dumper?

Some general requirement on the maintenance:

1)Keep service manuals handy.

2)Schedule maintenance according to equipment usage.

3)Buy spare parts before they¡¯re needed.

4)Plan ahead to accommodate seasonality.

5)Ensure that the preventive maintenance tasks being performed are beneficial to the equipment.

Special attentions on the following:

1)Charger: Regularly examine the charger for damage to the cord, plug, housing or other parts that may result in the risk of fire, electric shock or injury. 

2)Battery: Regularly examine the batteries, always keep them clean and dry. It is recommended to fully charge your batteries installed in your machine before each use.

Where to buy electric mini dumper?

Wallemac provides high quality electric mini dumpers and service to our worldwide customers. It¡¯s easy to find us by visiting us website http://www.wallemac.com, you also can call us at +8613916602482, or drop your request to our mailbox: sales1@wallemac.com  We are developing global distribution networks and service centers, please feel free contact us for details.

Are you trading company or manufacturer?

We are professional manufacturer specialized in mini dumper.


What¡¯s your MOQ (Minimal Ordering Quantity)?

It¡¯s from 1 set. If we have the products in stock, it will be no MOQ. If we need to produce, we can discuss the MOQ according to customer¡¯s exact situation.


Can you recommend spare parts or accessories?

Yes we do. As soon as you specify the machine model, we can recommend and quote you.


Are there any optional engine brands for this machine?

We do have engine brand optional. However, it depends on availability and delivery time and other logistic factors, options including Honda, B&S, Kohler, Lifan, Loncin etc., please contact us for confirmation.


Can you customize the machine?

Yes! You are welcome to contact us for details request such as LOGO/Color, even your design request.


What¡¯s the price of this machine?

Since total buying cost varies depending on many factors, we normally quote ex-works or FOB price, you are welcome to provide more details such as quantity and shipping address etc. to help us quote you the accurate price.


Can you provide door to door delivery service to ship the machine directly to my address?

Yes! We will quote you a total cost after receiving your address


What kind of package do you use?

Each machine is packed into a poly wood box, well protected for withstanding long distance sea transportation.


Do you engines meet emission control regulations?

Yes! All our engines meet US or EU emission control requirements, contact us for certification if you need.


How about your warranty?

We warrant that all our products for a period of one year after the date of shipment, be free from defective design, material and workmanship. 


If defect occurs during the one-year warranty period, we send the replacement parts to your address free of charge. Sufficient and responsive consulting or instruction on the replacing or repairing will be provided effectively and responsively, by all possible means, such as but not limited to online, telephone, email, etc. Our local agent will facilitate the parts replacement and after-sale service.

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