Mini Digger

Our mini excavator is our smallest ultra-tight tail mini excavator best for use in indoor renovation,pipe-laying, landscaping and other challenging hard-to-reach spaces. It comes with unique adjustable width tracks and foldable blade allowing you to navigate through tight gaps as narrow as 2ft 3in.

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Design and build for performance, safety, durability and maneuverability, Wallemac WE10 series mini excavator is a super compact but robust machine for operation at various job sites with powerful digging force, espacily in very tight spaces, such as insider building or small demolition, plant setting in the garden, landscapeing, infrastructure and foundation building, farm working, etc.

The WE10 series features many upgrades for enhancement of efficiency, reliability and durability as well, provides variety of power, attachment and undercarrier options for each of your specific job.


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