Garden Shredder

WCP15B Chipper Shredder
Built to make chipping wood simple, safe, easy and efficiency, Wallemac self-feeding or hydraulic feeding wood chippers are equipped with powerful 4-stroke gas engines, designed to draw in and chip branches with up to a 150 mm (6 in) diameter, their features including easy to move around, easily replaceable blades, rotatable discharge chute, emergency stop button, in-feed safety covers, solid structure and low center of gravity, etc. all the above offer you a better value for your money.

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Wallemac is an one-stop compact and light duty equipment provider for industries including landscaping, gardening, agricultural, Forrest, Utility,  and estate management, as well as general constructions. We develop, manufacture extremely functional, maneuverable, hard-working, easy operation equipment, which can offer numerous competitive advantages, greater efficiency and productivity, cutting down on your costs. We have a long history of serving rental companies, resellers, private individuals, nursery gardeners, agricultural firms, building firms, renovators, etc.


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