BLD15 Wood Chipper Belt



Wallemac Wood Chipper Belt


The belts are to replace old, worn out v-belts on chippes to offer a reliable and durable power transmitting. It is designed to withstand the rigors of a harsh working environment, made with premium materials that resist stretching, cracking and glazing for an extended life, help the machine restore top performance for maximum efficiency. If one belt in multiple v-belt drive fails, the entire set of the belts should be replaced at the same time to avoid uneven velocity due to different tension on the belt.

Bullet Points:

It is designed to help the shredder restore top performance for maximum efficiency by replacing old, won out v-belts with a new one.
Accurate fit provides excellent grip and enables peak chipper performance
Tough construction ensures long belt life
Low noise levels,low vibration levels,less chance of slippage.
Durable design delivers performance, meeting chipping and shredding challenges year after year


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