Wallemac offers a full range of genuine wear parts, repair parts and maintenance parts, developed and tested to ensure that they live up to your highest expectations,  Our design and choice of material guarantees superior performance.

General description of WALLEMAC Mini Excavator Attachments

WALLEMAC provides variety of attachment for its mini excavators to increase the versatility and efficiency,including:

Quick Hintch Couplers: to attach or detach attachments from the mini excavator easily, to change between tasks and applications quickly.

Augers: to drill holes for fence posts, trees and utility poles etc.

Hydraulic Breaker Hammers: used for demolition, breaking concrete, asphalt and other hard materials

Thumbs: for picking up and manipulating objects such as rocks or logs

Rippers: to penetrate and break up hard surfaces, including frozen ground, remove hard materials from the ground

Grappers: to pick up and handle rocks, logs and other irregularly shaped objects

Rakes: for clearing debris and preparing soil for landscaping and agriculture

Narrow Trenching Buckets: to dig narrow trenches or small corners, for utility or drainage etc.

Hydraulic Tilt Buckets: for efficient slope cutting- allows you to cut slopes at the desired angle with ease

Screening Buckets: for sorting or filtering materials, shifting rocks from the sand or soil.

Broad Buckets: to clear large areas of light weight debries and loose material

All of our parts are a cost effective solution, giving a new lease of life to a hard working machine.